Obtaining Supplies For Home Made Formulas

Super Zix II Kit

This kit contains all the ingredients needed to make Super Zix II except the ethyl alcohol, distilled water, mixing bottle and eyedropper bottles. I've done my best to keep the costs down for this kit. In most cases it will cost you more to buy the ingredients seperately on your own. The kit should last you approximately 1 year assuming you use about 2 ounces of Super Zix II per month. The kit contains:

25 grams Zinc Sulfate powder and measuring spoon.
1 bottle of B-6 (pyridoxal 5-phosphate) 60 capsules.
4 ounces of liquid Saw Palmetto/beta sitosterol extract and concentrate.
1 bottle (1 ounce) Polysorbate 80

Again the kit DOES NOT include the 70% ethyl alcohol, distilled water, mixing bottles and eye dropper bottles. I am assuming you should have no trouble locating these. If you have been using Rogaine (most of us have) you probably have a bunch of empty bottles laying around. For me to provide them would increase the cost unnecessarily for most people.

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Hair Muck

This is a bottle of a concentrate I manufacture myself. It contains a liquid saw palmetto/beta sitosterol extract and concentrate. It is designed to be added to a fresh bottle of minoxidil. It costs $34.95 for a 4 ounce bottle (120 mls) and should last you approximately 1 year. This assumes you use one 2 ounce bottle of minox per month. This will enable you to make a rough equivalent to the product known as Scalpmed.

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Distilled Water

Distilled water is available in almost any pharmacy or drug store. I pay 65 cents a gallon for mine. I also drink it too because I have found it to be the best tasting water. It is also often touted for many health benefits. In some countries people seem to have difficulty locating it. If this is the case you can also use rain water which is essentially distilled water with some very minor pollutants in it (not significant enough to make a difference). The reason we want distilled water is because it has a lower PH than tap water or spring water. It is nothing but pure water so there isn't anything in it that can alter the zinc and b-6 molecules. If you are using rain water make sure you are collecting it in a clean container. Don't use the run off from your rain spout!

It is best if you wait 15-30 minutes after it started raining before putting your collecting container out in the rain. That way the previous rain has "washed" the atmosphere of any pollutants.

Also you should be aware that there will be a small amount of sediment in the bottom of your collecting container. In reality a small particle of dust or dirt must be present in the atmosphere for water droplets to form. They end up settling at the bottom of the container. Just avoid this sediment by scooping the rain water out of your container with a clean cup.....all but the sediment.

Below is a link For U.K residents to a distilled water supplier. It's quite expensive but perhaps you may be interested anyway. I have no financial relationship with the company.

Distilled Water (United Kingdom Residents)

Zinc Sulfate

Zinc sulfate is very inexpensive to buy. For $6.00-$7.00 you can buy a 4 year supply. It can still be very hard to find. Below is a place where you can buy it. If you discover other sources please e-mail me and I will update the site accordingly. You can order online using your credit card by clicking on the link below. I have no financial relationship with these suppliers.

Shop In Private


There are basically two types of B-6. Pyridoxine and pyridoxal. You want to purchase pyridoxal also known as pyridoxal-5-phosphate. It can be hard to find. It is very unlikely you will be able to find this form of B-6 in any local vitamin store. Below is a source. You can order on-line using your credit card. I also have no financial relationship with these suppliers either. You want to order the 50 mg capsules......not the tablets.

Douglas Labs pyridoxal

For those who live in the U.K. here is a place to get the b-6 needed.

U.K. Supplier

Additional Ingredients For Making "Super Zix"

I have no financial relationship with either of the suppliers below.

Polysorbate 80


Saw Palmetto

We are now using the liquid form of saw palmetto because it makes for a cleaner solution. You can buy it at the link below. Generally you will have to purchase 3 bottles for a 6 month supply.

Ethyl Alcohol

In the U.S.A. this can be found in almost any pharmacy. The type most common is a version that is 70% ethyl alcohol and the rest is distilled water. There are some versions that contain a higher content of ethyl and these will work fine as well. I do not recommend you mix up your formulas in isopropyl alcohol. This form is definitely less "follicle friendly"

If you live in the U.K., Canada, or Australia you will probably have a hard time purchasing ethyl. An alternative would be to utilize a clear form of liquor (usually vodka) that contains at least 40% alcohol (80 proof). This will vary the mixing instructions a bit for both the Super Zix and the azelaic acid. For modified instructions click here.

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