Ketoconazole based Shampoo - A No Brainer!


Ketoconazole is an ingredient in a few shampoos on the market today. The most famous of these is a product known as Nizoral. It's my opinion that it is a "done deal" that ketoconazole can grow some hair or at the very least allow you to hold on to your hair longer. The evidence is too convincing to think otherwise.

Nizoral is one shampoo that contains ketoconazole. It can be found in almost any pharmacy in the medicated shampoo section. However you need to understand that Nizoral was never designed as a hair loss remedy. It was designed to help people who have fungal type problems on their scalp. For this reason Nizoral contains other things that can be harsh on your hair and scalp. It is really not designed for every day use. In fact the instructions on the bottle recommend using it only twice per week.

A better shampoo is a product known as Regenepure. This product also contains ketoconazole but it does not contain the harsh things found in Nizoral. However it does contain zinc. Zinc is a good ingredient too but it can lessen the benefit for people using minoxidil formulas. It seems as if zinc can chemically change the minoxidil rendering it less effective. So if you are using a formula that contains minoxidil stay away from a product like Regenepure. If you are not using minoxidil Regenepure would be a great choice. Regenepure also contains a lot of additional things highly suspected to be helpful for hair loss victims. Things like Caffeine, Emu Oil, etc.

Again the active ingredient, ketoconazole, is known to be an antiandrogen. This is a gloried way of saying it is a DHT blocker, or DHT inhibitor. As you probably already know it is the hormone DHT that is responsible for gradually making us balder. This is the hormone we must try to eliminate from our scalps. The more of this we can eliminate, the longer we will keep the hair we have and the more hair we can hope to grow back.

RegenePure has two products. I would recommend you purchase RegenePure DR. This is the one that contains Ketoconazole. It's a little pricey at $25 a bottle however if you use it sparingly it should last you for awhile.

You can purchase it at the link below. You should also understand I am not connected to the product in any way financially.

I doubt RegenePure is powerful enough as a stand alone treatment to halt further hair loss. But it should be the very first thing you try. It should be part of any hair loss preventing regimen. In my opinion you should buy it and use it consistently.

Below are some links to journal abstracts that should convince you to get on a shampoo with ketoconazole.

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If you are presently using a minoxidil based product you should buy yourself Nizoral instead of Regenepure. Again it is my belief the zinc will cause your minoxidil to not work as well. At the present time all the stores that normally carry this product are out of stock. The word is from the manufacturer that the factory is presently being moved and they are also awaiting FDA reapproval. They give no definitive date as to when it will be available again. There is a way around this little glitch however. One way is to do a search on Ebay for "Nizoral". You see there is another version that contains 2% ketoconazole rather than the 1% stuff. However this is only sold overseas and not in the U.S. They are presently selling the 2% version on Ebay from suppliers in the U.K. and Canada. You could also do a search and find other suppliers.

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