My Thoughts On The Laser Comb

The Laser Comb is a device which emits a low level laser light on the scalp to stimulate hair growth through what is called "photo-biostimulation". The FDA has even given approval for a product known as the "Hairmax Lasercomb" for regrowing hair in some people. When I first heard about the lasercomb I was very skeptical. I sat back and waited to read the message boards for various comments from people who purchased and used laser type products. I became very interested in one poster who goes by the handle of "overmachogrande". He generally posts on the message board but you can also find him from time to time on the other forums as well. He is quite a character and at first glance one might conclude he is even a bit insane! I can personally assure you that he is not! He simply loves to tell his story in a comical way with loads of interesting videos and pictures. Among us "laymen", no one has done more research on laser type products. He even runs a website that gives instruction on how to build your own laser devices (see link below).

I've always felt that people who use too many different topical treatments at the same time run the risk of ruining the various treatments due to chemical changes that can take place when you mix one compound with another on your scalp. The laser comb isn't a topical treatment! Therefore it should be a great adjunct treatment for people already using topical treatments for hair loss. It also isn't a drug or something you take internally so there should be no systemic side effects!

One point that overmachogrande makes is that most laser devices on the market are basically "toys" and do not emit enough light to be effective for most people. He advocates making your own laser helmet. His laser helmet, he claims, utilizes higher quality lasers. The helmet also makes it easier for the user to remain compliant with the routine. With the laser comb you are constantly using your hands. With the Laser helmet your hands are free to do other things around the house. Remaining compliant with a routine is very important if you want to see any sort of success. If a routine is too complicated and time consuming no one will stick with it long enough to be effective. Overmachogrande seems to have solved this problem with his helmet.

I don't claim to know a lot about lasers but I do know they are not miracle cures....there is no such thing as a miracle cure for male pattern baldness. That said, I believe them to be helpful if you are using a high quality one. Quality laser devices can also be very expensive. The cheap ones are probably ineffective. Before you make a decision on them please read what overmachogrande has to say about the whole subject. You can go to his site by clicking on the link below.

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